Appley Cafe 2013

Forthcoming sessions; part of Bradford Apple Group project Apples for All, funded by Big Lottery

Thursday 24th October 2-8pm; Cooking Preserves
      at Culture Fusion.
      Booking required.

    We will be making a range of preserves and chutneys, and a small amount of juice. Some of the products will be shared out, the rest will be taken to our market stall at Shipley Alternative on 2nd November.

Saturday 9th November 11am - 4pm; pressing and pasteurising
       at Culture Fusion.
       Please let us know if you plan to come. 
We will be pressing any BPCO apples that will not keep. If you have any apples you wish to press please bring them along (bring bottles to take it home in). Some of the juice will be pasteurised

We enjoyed two very successful days of our second pop-up Appley Cafe
at YMCA Shop on Bank Street on 27th September
and Positive Bradford in City Park on 28th September 2013.Over 350 people tasted freshly pressed apple juice and we received lots of delightful comments about how wonderful it was.

Bradford Apple Group received funding from Big Lottery to run Appley CafeBradford Apple Group received funding from Big Lottery to run Appley Cafe

Some of the recipes we have used can be found on the recipes page

In addition this menu has recipes for Curried Apple and Parsnip Soup, Tart and Tangy Beans, Toffee Apple Tart, Apflekuchen and Apple and Lemon Curd.