Pond dipping at Bees Urban nature reserve
Pond Dipping at BEES Urban Nature Reserve

We deliver a number of projects in the Bradford District, from conservation volunteering for individuals and groups to extensive projects with schools to support the formal and informal curriculum and volunteer led wildlife field visits.

Apple Day

Celebration, community, apples.

BEES 25th Anniversary

25 years of working for wildlife

Conservation Volunteers

Conservation volunteers meet on most Fridays throughout the year.

Education Sessions and Visits

Delivering environmental education to schools in Bradford District.

Habitat Heroes

Enhancing awareness and understanding of biodiversity.

Part of the landscape

Providing Environmental Education since 1985

Past Projects

Working in partnership since 1985

Ration Garden

Historical growing and eating project

Schools Projects

We deliver a variety of environmental education to schools in the Bradford District

Shaping Spaces

Taking young people into green spaces

Task Reports

Details about our conservation work

Wildlife Field Visits

Exploring a range of habitats to study their natural history and management issues relating to their upkeep

Wildlife Wanderers

Introducing new audiences to wildlife.