Culture Fusion Meadow and gardens

As the designs for Culture Fusion developed it was obvious the footprint of the building was going to cover almost all the available space. So in order to create a garden space the architects incorporated a first floor garden at the back of the building stretching out over Bradford Beck.

The planting plans for the garden are to create a wildflower meadow and plant a native hedge in the galvanised planters that surround the meadow area.

The planting is underway...
On 16th March 2012 we started the planting.
The planters were filled with a green roof planting medium and with topsoil. The trees planted were a mix of native speices chosen to provide a range of colour, shape and food for the birds and insects (birch, alder, field maple, hawthorn, hazel, rowan and a few dog rose). They will be managed to prevent them getting too big. Some of the planters have been left empty and will be used for vegetables and flowers once the garden space is operational.

The meadow has been seeded into the greenroof seedbed medium, a mixture clay and bark chip, that was provided as part of the building contract.
The area has been divided into 3 planting schemes. A couple of small patches are a mix of low growing wildflowers; the narrow end of the meadow is a mix of grass (70%) and low growing flowers, whilst the wide end is a grass mix with taller growing flowers.

Click here for a Bird Species list and please feel free to include any observation you have made.

A plant species list will be added shortly.

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Conservation Work

Culture Fusion Roof Garden

Culture Fusion Roof Garden. Culture Fusion Building. 125 Thornton Road. Bradford. BD1 2EP

10.30-3.00pm. We will be weeding,  planting and constructing a compost bin. We also need to carry out repairs on our poly beds.


Please get in touch if you'd like to join us.

Culture Fusion Roof Garden

125 Thornton Road

We are at Culture Fusion again tomorrow at least to start with, the tomatoes need staking and supporting, courgettes and runner beans planting out, we are nearly there with weeding the meadow, (one last push), oxeye daisies need spreading out around the meadow. etc  

We can go up to the nature reserve later if we decide we want to. (we don't have a minibus driver for tomorrow, so we could walk, car or taxi).


Culture Fusion Garden

Culture Fusion Building 125 Thornton Road

We spent the day back at base preparing the roof garden for the forthcoming growing season.

We prepared for planting tomatoes, by repairing the “mini-greenhouses”, covering the wooden frames with the plastic coverings. We also got the cloches out, repairing and cleaning them. These were used to protect, tender vegetables; tomato seedlings, courgettes and sweetcorn. We sowed some Runner beans and French beans, to be planted out later. We also created a new home for a homeless apricot tree; it is now growing against a sun trap wall, so hopefully it will do well.
We gave the meadow some care, weeding the dandelions etc ; that got a hold during the dry weather last summer, (seeding in the bare patches where the grass temporarily died down). We transplanted wildflower seedlings that had also seeded themselves well, around the meadow to give a more even distribution and potted up some Oxeye Daisies to be grown on for future use on other sites and projects.