Redcliffe Community Orchard

Redcliffe Community Orchard, Nov 2007Redcliffe Community Orchard, Nov 2007This little orchard is on a small patch of land surrounded by houses and accessed by a footpath from either Redcliffe Avenue or Devonshire Street. Highfield SRB had carried out a consultation in the area to gather opinion about how to improve this neglected piece of land. As a result of this BEES were commissioned to plant fruit trees in 2002. There are 13 trees, apples, pears and a plum. The fruit is used by local people. We make an annual visit to manage the site, and hope that in future the Housing Trust will support the project with regular mowing.


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Conservation Work

Fri 17th Oct: Redcliffe Community Orchard

We have supported the local food growing project for the last six years and we will be returning to the site for the annual cutting of the grass, littering picking and pruning of the trees.

We have changed the date of this task so we can link with a Family Learning Week event held at Woodville Centre. We will be running several sessions to introduce people to the site, conservation volunteering, growing local food and wildlife gardening.

Redcliffe Community Orchard Oct 17th 08Redcliffe Community Orchard Oct 17th 08 When we arrived on site we found to our surprise that the grass had been cut. But unfortunately the cutting by brush cutting machines had caused damage to most of the trees. We have carefully cut the grass by hand these past six years. We are now in discussions with the land owners who arranged the work and the local Community Centre who want to use the site for a growing project. Which is the good news. A Horticulturalist is to advise on the damage and remedial treatment. So its fingers crossed that the follow up work will be successful and avoid the canker that has previously infected the trees.

Whilst we were there we linked up with the Family Learners Week that was being held at Woodville Centre. We hosted a group of young people who we showed around the site, tasted apples and talked to them about growing fruit trees. We also tidied up the site and removed litter.

7 volunteers were involved today and our thanks to them.