Task Reports

Please contact the office if you are interested in volunteering and we will discuss details.

Conservation Work - Past

Sydenham Place Wildlife Garden

Sydenham Place,

Over the past couple of years we have had occasional days helping the residents in the streets around Sydenham Place to create a space for food growing and wildlife in a previously abandoned space. We will return to continue improving the area and extend it by clearing further up and down the site.

 Aire Rivers Trust - Footpath work

If you are meeting us there parking Ives Street (behind "the shuttle" fabric shop) Shipley. We will be working along the footpath by the River towards Salts Mill.

We will be working with Aire Rivers Trust between Shipley and Saltaire on footpath improvements, cutting back vegetation and repairing the surface to improve access.

Culture Fusion Garden

Culture Fusion Building 125 Thornton Road

We will be working on the roof garden at Culture Fusion, getting the mini-greenhouses and cloches up and running, planting them up, sowing seeds, managing the meadow and other gardening tasks. 

Bowling Community Orchard

In the allotments on Bowling Park Drive

Probably peak blossom today (regarding dates for group tasks anyway). 

There are a few notable trees which appear to be having a bit of a rest; Belle de Boskoop, Winston, Howgate Wonder, Lady Henniker and Allington Pippin all have little or no blossom. The Durondeau pear has been badly affected by frost with on a few blossoms escaping unharmed. 

Not much to report on the work front; a vaguely vertical (but less that satisfactory) door frame and the start of a not very satisfactory door (rather warped and not really square, but hopefully will do at least to start with).  

A few more onions planted. 



Sorry, no task today as it is a bank holiday

However, we will be at the orchard on Saturday 20th 10 am, please make your own way to the orchard.