Friday 22nd May, Brackenhill Primary School

Submitted by joe_peate on Tue, 26th May 2009, 12:28pm
This was my second visit to the school, the last time being in March. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the willow had come on since our last visit, where we had cut and shaped it into a fence. Today we just had to finish off where we had left off, and get the willow sorted at the bottom end of the site. Some of the harvested willow branches were stripped of their bark in preparation for being made into charcoal in a couple of weeks time.

The woodland area was looking fantastic, and just needed a couple of very small trees removing where the Spring growth had made a little thinning out necessary. A couple of us also shipped in a few trailer loads of wood chippings to neaten up the path through the woodland, which had become quite muddy.

Others cleared the long grass from around the fruit trees in the orchard section, and mowed the rest of the grass in that area.

Overall the site is really well established, and it was good to be doing some "gentle" maintenance. Earlier in the Spring we started a new site at another school (Killinghall), and I am keen to see that evolve from a corner of a playing field as it was then to something like what we have at Brackenhill!

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