Friday 27th September 2013 Culture Fusion and Appley Café, 125 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD1


As there were two projects today, we started the day with a meeting to inform people of the projects and decide which one they wanted to be involved with.  The people who wanted to join the café got straight on with preparing apples for the fruit press by washing and chopping them.  Other people got to work on the Culture Fusion meadow area. This had to be cut and raked off and we used a combination of our hand tools and mower. Cutting and raking will benefit the wild flowers sown and will help to make a good display next year. It is now encouraging after its poor start that there is nearly a complete coverage of green plants. At the same time the raised beds were weeded, the trees that will make up the hedge are looking in ok and will hopefully continue to grow next year.

The pop up café was set up in the YMCA shop and was soon of really nice offerings like apple bread and butter pudding and apple and lemon tart. This was popular with passing shoppers. Then the juicer got going and his drew a good deal of attention. Passing shoppers were encouraged to taste the fresh juice and find out about the seasonal offerings. It was great to be in such a prominent position in the town to promote and share the harvest.

Today we worked with 16 volunteers.

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