Friday 16th March 2012: Culture Fusion Building, 125 Thornton Road, BD1


What an achievement. Not only did we shift about 11 tons of drainage substrate and top soil, we also completed the tasks of planting the hedge and seeding the wildflower meadow on the first floor and planting on the fifth floor garden.

We have attempted to do this several times in the past 6 months; first the structure wasn't ready, then it was too windy, then we realised there was a turf guard over the entire meadow that would make it hard to weed and control the inevitable docks and dandelions, then the area was being used for a training day... In the end we decided to put the seed in the fridge to mimic the winter conditions needed to stimulate germination for some species and try again later.

And now it is done. The trees are a mix of native species; birch, alder, hawthorn, field maple, hazel, rowan and a few dog rose.

The wildflower meadow is a mix of 70% fine grasses and 30% wildflowers. One zone has low growing species whilst the other has taller growing species, and there are a couple of patches with just wildflowers.

The area will be a no-go zone (except for watering...the rain on Saturday was very welcome!) for the next few months but we have created a Meadow gallery and page on the website and we will keep you up to date with progress.

Once again, massive congratulations to all 26 people who contributed today.