Conservation Volunteers

Northcliffe Woods, ShipleyNorthcliffe Woods, ShipleyThe conservation volunteers meet on most Fridays throughout the year.

Forthcoming Friday tasks are listed here.
The Conservation Volunteers may be working additional days on either a Wednesday/Thursday.  Contact the office to find out what is happening. 

We work on a variety of urban and urban fringe sites in the Bradford district, managing them for the benefit of wildlife and local people.

We offer an opportunity for anybody interested in nature conservation or people keen to help maintain local areas and make a positive impact on the local environment. No previous experience is necessary; training will be given on the day.

The meeting point for the workdays is Culture Fusion,
125 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD1 2EP (a few minutes walk from Centenary Square).

Fridays: Please arrive between 9.30 - 9.45am. We leave at 10am. We normally work until mid afternoon, but any contribution is welcomed.
Wednesdays/Thursday:  Leave at 10am.  Contact office for further information.  

We encourage all prospective volunteers to contact the office if you are interested in volunteering and we will discuss details.

Read reports of previous tasks here

St Anthony’s Primary School,

Friday 5th May, 2017

We will be helping get the school wildlife area into shape so the pupils can make use of it. This will include barrowing bark to replenish the paths, cutting and raking areas of meadow and removing bramble which are growing over the path ways. 


Blossom day at Bowling Park Community Orchard

Friday 12th May, 2017
in the allotments on Bowling Park Drive

It’s always a bit of guess when the blossom will be at its best. Last year there was no blossom on 6th May after a cold April. It is snowing as write this on 21st March…but you never know. There will be spring tasks to complete, plus time to enjoy our achievements. There is an open invite for people to come along between 11am and 3pm, so please spread the word.  


Lower Fields Primary School, Fenby Avenue BD4

Wednesday 17th May, 2017

**Depart 9.30am

Construction time. We will be building a new bridge to span the pond.  We will be using plastic wood, a durable recycled product. Today we will be getting organised and starting to dig holes. 


Lower Fields Primary School

Thursday 18th May, 2017
Fenby Avenue BD4

**Depart 9.30am

Bridge building. More digging. We hope the bridge will start to take shape today. 


Lower Fields Primary School

Friday 19th May, 2017
Fenby Avenue BD4

Bridge building. And we really hope the construction will resemble a bridge today. 


Lower Fields Primary School or UNR

Friday 26th May, 2017

We may be back at Lower Fields if we still have work to do on the bridge, or else we will be at our Urban Nature Reserve on the university campus on Laisteridge Lane.

Look out for an update on the website. Or ring the office.