Culture Fusion

Friday 10th July, 2015
At BEES base (no minibus today)

15th June 201515th June 2015The task, working at our base today at The Culture Fusion Meadow and in the undercroft where we store some of our equipment. Part of the team spent their time tidying the store area and picking the best pieces from our timber repository to use in the woodwork workshop, where we produce benches, planters and the like, for use on various projects.

The other part of the team spent their day on the meadow removing some of the more dominant species and tending to our vegetables. We also covered a growing frame with plastic sheeting to protect some young tomato plants. Cucumbers, squashes, lettuce, sweetcorn and peas were weeded and thinned out and replanted. The temperature on the meadow must have been in the mid to high twenties celsius. A perfect spot for a picnic which the team partook of at lunch break. There were eight of us today.