Shelf Circular 24 March 2020

Submitted by Wildlife Field… on Wed, 25th Mar 2020, 8:44pm

An 8 am start saw me don walking boots and head off through my local patch.  I usually start by going through Sun Woods which at this time of year is absolutely full of wild garlic.  I had expected to be met by much birdsong but there was little activity this morning.  The beck was flowing steadily as I crossed the bridge and headed through the fields where lambing is obviously in full swing.  A lovely sight on a beautiful sunny morning.  Woodland again where I have seen roe deer in the past but careful scanning produced no sign of these shy creatures today.  Some magnificent fungi was seen on a fallen tree as I made my way along the track, past the profusion of bluebells that would appear shortly and out into the open again within sight of Coley Church.  Huge open fields to cross, with horses grazing in the distance and crows flying overhead.  The lane down into Norwood Green holds great promise for later flowerings, particularly of cow parsley, but just a few dandelions were showing at the moment.  

Priestley Green next.  An interesting hamlet, more so because of the collection of bee hives located in the field just off the lane.  There were 8 there this morning with evidence of some workers returning early from, I hope a successful forage.  Sometimes I have been lucky enough to see and chat to the local apiarist but there was no sign of him today.  Down the lane, past the stables, turn left and head for the most enormous open field with stunning views of Norwood Green in the distance.  Robin and great tit seen on the ash tree as I walked through to the stile.  A quick rest stop as I reached Norwood Green - the view is lovely here particularly when the trees are bare then back on my way taking the Calderdale Way through Middle Ox Heys.  I noted that the farmer has recently turned his cattle out to graze once more and taking advantage of the lovely weather, was himself busy in the farmyard.  Blackthorn looked beautiful in full flower.  

A lovely 6 mile walk on a beautiful spring morning.  A couple of photos sent to Sue to post.

Sally Tetlow

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