Heaton Woods 20th march

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Heaton Woods        20th March

This was prepared yesterday but I see that Julia has beaten me describing some things in Heaton Woods. I present it never-the -less. Also, by the way, botanical terminology gets easier the more it is used so persevere with Julia's blogs. I, for one, hope that they will continue.

The paths are still muddy in places and Red Beck does not seem any less full than last week.
Ten plants were in flower. Some Butterbur spikes were visible, a good sign as hundreds were broken off when the area was flooded. Golden saxifrage in profusion, celandines, woodrush and wood anemone beginning to open were welcome sights. Mosses have thrived in the wet. There are carpets of  different greens with more scarlet elf cup scattered amongst them than I have ever seen in the wood.
Birds were hiding except for a couple of robins and a dipper bobbing for minutes on a recently fallen branch bridging the beck



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